calming flowers

i find flowers so soothing and their beauty brings me such joy and peace. a little calm is exactly what i need since my lasek surgery is tomorrow! i know i shouldn't be nervous but i am.

some lovely arrangements by small stump to sooth your soul if it needs it.

little white flowers with black center..i don't know your name but you complete this piece!

ranunculus how i love you. sitting in a cute little jar by your lonesome is just perfect!


good eats

anna the red's bento factory

i love this little dust bunny from spirited away : official name makkurokurosuke

DOMO KUN! argh!

totoro :)


help haiti

what a beautiful t-shirt design.

donate here to support partners in health.

(via indigo bunting)


cool hunting

some great designs found on cool hunting.

japanese barcode design : such a creative way to reinvent the barcode!

boarding pass FAIL : tyler thompson is so right! boarding passes are horrendously designed. if delta was smart they would consider his redesigns :)


cozy night in

happy friday everyone!

i am so looking forward to a low-key weekend at home. tonight i plan to stay in and finally watch the latest harry potter movie (yes i know it came out ages ago!) and start a new little project.

here is a sneak peak...

as for the rest of the weekend, i plan to finish my book the calligrapher's daughter, watch avatar in 3D, attempt to cook a delicious yet healthy and easy to make dinner for a friend, and figure out how to use my new smartphone the htc hero! good times ahead.

if anyone has any advice regarding any of the listed items above please let me know :) hope you have a great weekend!


++ letterpress obsession ++

studio on fire. their work is so cool! i am very tempted to purchase a few prints... especially the last piece with the chinese proverb swirled in a giant clean mess (is there such a thing? this seems the best way to describe it). it would look perfect framed in my apartment :)

green chair press also has some very simple and lovely work focused on letters and numbers.

bella figura. a new letterpress custom invitation website featuring some amazing designers. above are a couple i really enjoy but there are many more to choose from! the company is also eco friendly, not only by sustainable printing methods and paper choice but also in lifestyle! they compost in their lunch room and provide memberships to local farms for their employees...i would love to work for a company like that!

can't wait to take a letterpress class at the center for book arts in the summer! if anyone wants to join me please let me know :)



merry christmas and happy new year! i know, i know, i missed the boat already... there are so many bloggers out there who somehow manage to update everyday, take care of their kids, and create beautiful designs but i don't know how they manage to do it?!? over the holidays i visited my family in iowa and found my cutie patootie neice all grown up and boy is she a handful..not because she misbehaves (she is actually the sweetest of babies) but because she is constantly on the go! the thought of even trying to upload photos and write an entry seemed impossible.

to my sister and all mothers of the world. i am constantly reminded you are a m a z i n g.

had a great time as usual in iowa. it snowed. we ate. we played. we shopped. twas lovely.
one of the best things about iowa are all the great flea markets everywhere! my sister has loaded up her house with beautiful furniture that i consider a serious steal! here are some of my smaller flea market finds that i could lug back to nyc.