{via nytimes, Brian Stauffer}

all i can say is i am still praying for japan.
in the mist of all this devastation...there is always hope.


Fish+Cake's Top 5 Daily Essentials

i've been tagged by vitamin A! here are my top five essentials!
1. i always apply shu uemura blush first thing in the morning. in 2 seconds i get a fresh look without all the makeup hassle!
2. i love all aveeno products and lately i have been using spf 30 antiaging face lotion.
3. addicted to any lip gloss/chapstick (i usually reapply every 5 minutes) c.o. bigelow is one of my favs :)
4. my htc evo! ever since i upgraded my phone i have been on this thing every minute. checking email, facebook, and news. so so convenient for finding a quick restaurant or cross street.
5. something sweet! usually a handful of gummy bears do the job for my sweet tooth cravings.