just the most gorgeous engagement shoot! love the dress, the umbrella, the random props, and the cute couple! photography by 26 merton road. check out more photos here!

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stop the plastic!

wonderful motion graphics and message by sol linero


weave type

Wow this work by Zim and Zou just blew my mind! not only are the recreated fonts fun and creative but the original weaving is a work of art! It is just an amazing idea and I don't know what I would use this for but probably everything...

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stripes galore

fivestripes_autumn1 by you.

fivestripes_spring1 by you.

love these stripped candles from five stripes! they come in so many colors it is like a color theory class to mix and match. the autumn reminds me of school ties and spring reminds me of candy...

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what's in a name?

i found this tonight while i was sorting through some old files. another concept that was never used or completed but when i saw it again i wondered why. i always felt torn between using my legal chinese name or my american name. It gets old, constantly reminding people how to pronounce yan iuan and so eventually i got used to introducing myself and following it with a quick "just call me sandy". i still haven't sorted it out.. not quite ready to give up either names but maybe one day :)

4644653331_caecb96f1a_o by you.
a great reminder to embrace imperfection by Forever is Today...sometimes you just just need a little ink on your fingers.

city farming

if I had a grassy backyard I would definitely get a chicken crib and raise some chickens! how lovely would it be to always have fresh eggs in the house? and knowing my chickens were living in style would make me very happy.
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* * Nancy + Pat * *

these is the final product for my sister's custom letterpressed invitations!

they were the easiest couple to work for. always giving praise and pretty much loving anything i threw at them. the only restriction was the tight turnaround but i'm still very happy with how they turned out because i was able to do everything my way. for a designer that is a dream come true!

the color theme of the wedding is of course purple and i threw in splashes of blue and green to compliment. the pattern was inspired by the cupcakes that will be used in the wedding and the love birds were from a project i did a long time ago that never came to fruition.

i hope the guests enjoy opening this!

envelope1 by you.

invite_closeup1 by you.

invitation_set1 by you.

invite_closeup2 by you.

invite_closeup3 by you.

invite_closeup4 by you.
more photos on my flickr site!

* oooo and a big shout out to the ARM NYC for letting me use their amazing Vandercook and putting up with all my questions during my studio time! thank you, thank you, thank you! *