type happy

love these fonts from grant hill and the next best thing..they are free! check it out here.

also in love with May Belle's calligraphy. her writing is so elegant and beautiful!

jessica hische's typography skills are just amazing! i cannot wait until this is available as wrapping paper.


julie & julia

julie & julia is now on my list of top 10 favorite movies! i fell in love with the characters, the relationships these women had with their husbands, and the idea of doing something you love no matter the risks or the hopelessness of not knowing what it is you can do.

the first thing i did after watching this movie was to search for the book! i would love to not only buy the book but also get my hands on a few episodes of Julia's show. i want to make julia child's beouf bourguignon!

anyway how beautiful are these first edition books? i love the simplicity of the covers, the jackets and the type! cookbooks these days are filled with such gorgeous photos that it is a little disappointing at times to look at your own creation and see how it falls short of the stylized perfection. i can't afford a first edition copy but i will definitely order a copy from amazon as an early christmas present to myself :)


3rd Ward Craft Fair

My friend Pink Mist Industry had a table at the 3rd Ward Craft Fair in Brooklyn this Saturday so I stopped by for a visit to show some support and scope out other wonderful artists in the area. Boy were there a lot! I wish I could have stayed for some of the workshops and tutorials. Check out more photos here.

Some artists I really loved :

Pink Mist Industry has beautiful hand embroidered cards and artworks. It is delicate but at the same time very funny and edgy.

i ooohed and ahhhed over almost every piece at diament design's table. she has a variety of vintage + handmade but all equally lovely!

a few other artists i enjoyed included knitsy bitsy : a hand knit stuffed animals
brown parcel press : a letterpress and design company
randy clare : repurposed vintage jewelry
whitehaus : cuff bracelets


ever thought about where your baby teeth go?

meet ickle and lardee the cutest little milk toofs! what is a milk toof you ask? i have no clue but check out this site. this blogger tells the funniest stories through elaborate photo setups and subtitles!

check out the entire thanksgiving tale here.

HAHAHA I love the "unacceptable" comment and the twirling of the hula hoop! imagine trying to capture that on camera! Check out her site, it truly is a great place for a laugh.


teapot obsession

carved reed jar : beautiful curves

bamboo stoneware teapot : love the texture!

minature yellow teapot : anything mini is great!

orange teapot : this one reminds me of fruit :)

Ceramics has always been a favorite hobby of mine. I took classes in high school and college but was never very good at throwing to my lasting regret. I took a wheel throwing class last year at the Brickhouse Cerammics Art Center in Long Island City and I highly recommend it. The classes are affordable and there is flexibility with studio hours. The only downside is you have to pay for firing each piece and pay per square inch.

A few pieces from my class


gobble gobble

I found this recipe on Design Mom and have been meaning to try it out for awhile. I finally got the chance for my potluck thanksgiving dinner and they were a huge success!

I did a test run the night before making DOUBLE the quantity and refrigerating half of the batter. The first day's batch wasn't so bad except I underestimated how sweet the glaze was! The next day I decided to sprinkle the glaze on (which also improves the presentation) and make smaller cookies. If possible I plan to always make my cookie dough the night before just because it is so much easier to place on the cookie sheet and much cleaner on the hands.

These cookies definitely make your kitchen smell nice :) give it a try!


if you haven't heard of threadless it is a great place to buy funny/cool tees and hoodies. i have had a gift certificate for awhile now and i finally got to use it this week (they were having a thanksgiving day sale).

i finally decided on this hoodie to keep me warm this winter. i love it!

some other cool designs: