julie & julia

julie & julia is now on my list of top 10 favorite movies! i fell in love with the characters, the relationships these women had with their husbands, and the idea of doing something you love no matter the risks or the hopelessness of not knowing what it is you can do.

the first thing i did after watching this movie was to search for the book! i would love to not only buy the book but also get my hands on a few episodes of Julia's show. i want to make julia child's beouf bourguignon!

anyway how beautiful are these first edition books? i love the simplicity of the covers, the jackets and the type! cookbooks these days are filled with such gorgeous photos that it is a little disappointing at times to look at your own creation and see how it falls short of the stylized perfection. i can't afford a first edition copy but i will definitely order a copy from amazon as an early christmas present to myself :)


  1. Let's make beef boergignon together yooo!!! love your blog!

  2. Cookbooks are one of my favs! and I have to admit that I only liked ones with those gorgeous pictures. I didn't understand why some cookbooks didn't have pictures of finished plate but after reading your blog I think I understand why.