+ + letterpress + +

I can now officially add letterpress knowledge under my design belt! Beyond Creative and I went to a letterpress workshop on Sunday and learned how to use all the equipment necessary to print your own letterpress pieces! The Arm Letterpress in Brooklyn is a really great place to rent out studio hours and you have access to all their great presses.

not only did we learn how to print from polymer plates, we also learned how to set wood type. seeing all wooden letters in their drawers make me happy.

some samples from the class (the only negative to hand setting type is no spell check!)

next we learned metal type. amazing but you need extreme patience! i chose a quote with 16 words and by the end I really was ready to give up. how they did this back in the day really blows my mind.

*drool* vandercook press. one day I will own one.

click here to see more photos on my flickr.


  1. love it!! so fun! hehehe, spell check oh yes. ;P

  2. great photos!! I went home and checked out how much a vandercook press cost. haha!!