happy friday

sometimes i walk out of a store and feel giddy with my purchase. this happened just yesterday as i stopped into uo for a quick 15 minute look through before i had to meet friends for dinner. usually stopping in is uber dangerous as i rarely walk out empty handed and yesterday was no different! i got the sweetest pair of oxfords (which has been on my shopping list for awhile now).


today my decision was confirmed when i went to the urban site and saw that these are listed as "online only, top rated"AND way more expensive than what i got them for! love a great deal.


some really inspirational/beautiful things i have seen this week:


1. amazing AMAZING wedding website AND save the dates (via head vs heart)
2. knitted owl sweater by needled
3. milkmaid stool by grayworksdesign
4. bird eggs of australia by cake with giants

these things make me sigh with pleasure.

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