tattoos and such

With the impending big 3-0 coming up in the seemingly near future I've been thinking of doing something really wild to celebrate my youth. I have been raiding image banks for ideas on what I would want PERMANENTLY inked onto my body and it is a tough decision!

Thankfully swissmiss seems to have read my mind and just launched tattly, a line of temporary tattoos by some pretty sweet designers. These are already in my cart for a test run to see if I have the guts to really pull the trigger in the future!


  1. Funny I was talking to Michelle about getting a really really small heart tattoo but I don't know if I have the balls to do it >.<

    You should get one with A+S hahah

  2. HAHAHA cathieee you crazy. Remind me NOT to go on my actual birthday drunk and demanding an A+S tattoo!! A small heart sounds good! Let's go together!!